Halloween BMX Jam in NYC

10 Nov 2020
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We hit the streets of NYC for this years Halloween BMX Jam and rode some of the best "off limits" spots in Midtown Manhattan. Everyone threw down and it was a great day! Follow me @BillyPerry631 and SUBSCRIBE for more
Shoutout to Marcques, Nickevv, and Jay for hosting it!
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  • I know some of you prefer the GoPro style vids and some the more edited vids but I kept this one raw to give you the behind the scenes feel of a NYC Jam. Either way I hope you enjoy and stay tuned for the next couple vids that I'm real excited about!

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    • Come to Poland

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    • When is there another bike ride out in nyc

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  • OMG you haré de best I am from Mexico

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  • 3:31 когда бабушка узнала что внучик голоден

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  • keep it up billy!! next was LA!?

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  • I love how they just thrash there bikes hahah

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  • No one: not a soul: Cops:..... Them:moves gates no one:.... cops:uh

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  • Did anyone else notice that sick transition at 6:40

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  • Nigga Mario 😂😂💥💣

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  • Come to South Korea, Seoul

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    • It’s on my list!

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  • i'm brazilian but you are my inspiration love you love bmx

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  • 6:39 That transition was sooo clean I watched it multiple times lol

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  • Nice

  • nice 👍

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  • The only thing I do not like is the not wearing helmets part.😂

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  • @6:52 jaaaaa XD

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  • Oh shit, black mario!

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  • yo billy! do u use gopro?

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    • GoPro hero 9

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  • Nice vid

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  • Idol I came from Philippines I always watch ur video,,, i like ur bike idol I wish i could have like that thnkz idol god bless bro... 🙏🙏🙏

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    • @billyperry

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  • Hello im from Indonesia ❤

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  • Whoaa looks fun broo..keep it up🔥🔥

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  • Hi 😊 give me a bike

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  • The man at the end standing up grabbed a thing and put it behind him

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  • It’s taken months for this

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  • that's why im riding only dirt bikes and mtb:)))

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  • Argentina broo good video

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  • iam frome Indonesia

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  • Krl, nem sei falar em ingreis e tão recomendando isso;-;

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    • Tb n ‚ só gosto do bmx kkkk

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  • billy if ever you come to South Africa we holding a jam

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  • asa de cobra pé galinha se vc for um BR já vai deixando o seu joinha

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  • Toooo sick

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  • *smacks lips* N O I C E

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  • Hope they good

  • Sim eu sou o comentário brasileiro q vc procura

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  • Yo when u guys go bike riding again Like a ride out I’m wit it like I’m willing to go bike ride

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  • Happy birtday bro saludos desde Colombia 🇨🇴🇨🇴

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  • Go to walmart and buy a good bmx

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    • And try it

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  • hey billy i love your videos and you inspire me to bmx ride so keep up the good work

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  • Too awesome to not watch and appreciate!

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  • Hyy I am Indian your stant is amazing your awesome bro

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  • hello, I'm from Indonesia, I keep on enthusiastic about making BMX content, I continue to support it

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  • 0:42 - Jamario

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  • its called a rideout dh😂😂😂

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  • Nice video, but no helmet no respect!

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  • Pretty sure this was the only BMX event in 2020 that actually happened. Nice comradery there, I liked it!

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  • Hii My From Indonesia Good luck

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  • Can you make a video of funny fails? 😂

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  • I'm your biggest fan 😍

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  • Please come India and ride with your BMX

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  • Black Mario

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  • What is your opinion on befly? Bc mé and my friend are always arguing if its shit or good for begginers Like me

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  • 6:40 that transition too smooth

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    • Ikr lol

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  • i just got the thought about buying a bmx and do some vlogs/ tours/ trips in sweden. tips where i can buy a nice one with front and back brake with rotation on steer?

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  • Hi bmx

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  • NYC is a peace of poop

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  • Not gonna lie, that’s pretty dope. But in corona times just plain dumbz

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  • please

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  • Hi why not send to Brazil

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  • No one comes to London, not bmx jams, so dead

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    • @Billy Perry yeah but that was some time ago, like this year and last year bmx has slowly just vanished street wise

      Buck His OpsBuck His OpsVor 3 Monate
    • I’ve been to London a few times and filmed vids, check out the security guard challenge in London vid I did last year 😁

      Billy PerryBilly PerryVor 3 Monate
  • My favorite is mario hahahaha

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  • 400th comment

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  • Jes

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  • Awesome video quality!

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  • vocês precisam ir ao rio de janeiro sério! kkk tem vários lugares fodas para pular de bicicleta!

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  • wow, I just got to know your channel and it made me a father, new subscriber greetings from Mexico ❤

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  • i hope you get a comfortable driving experience

  • Coronabirus

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  • Covid

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  • I don't have bmx I have mtb :(

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  • May I have any assistance with my bike lights? Your customer service has completely stopped replying.

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