$99 Walmart BMX Bike Vs NYC Streets 3

15 Jun 2020
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I went to Walmart and bought a $99 "BMX" Bike to see if it could handle the mean streets of New York City. This bike is a bit more expensive than the first 2 bikes we tested so we made 10 improved street BMX challenges for this bike. The durability of the Walmart bike took us by surprise. We put this bike through some serious testing Follow me on instagram.com/billyperry631 and SUBSCRIBE
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  • This video was a lot of fun to make, I hope you guys enjoy 🚲🌊

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    • Just got a huffy comp bmx bike 20 inch black and red

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    • I agree

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    • Hello my friend

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    • can’t relate

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  • from philipines

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  • cen u gib awey it plis from pilipines

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  • What’s on he’s but no homo

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  • Every biker has a bmw

  • go wear a mask

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  • With the stem bent like that you really shouldn't leave it or let anyone else ride it. Its served its purpose bin it bro.

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  • 14:52 bro I expected tht

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  • Where you get the stickers?

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  • that hurt me i gotta dislike

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  • I feel so bad for the dude that tried the wall ride

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  • nyc means new york city and no you cant lol

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  • You can put 3 piece cranks in them you gotta by the bb shells or a conversion kit danscomp sells them

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  • Lane as fuck! Not really a walmart bike if you switch out parts. Gay!

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  • i like bmx and i like skill bmx , can you bring me bmx 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

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  • Damn, that dude could have died on that piece of trash bike

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  • I have u bmx

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  • It's like the bc it not the og. Handle bars

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  • 18:57 Thank Me Later!

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  • Hiper bike co Static

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  • In Argentina 99Uss is super.expensive

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  • Im actually planning to get a walmart bmx bike and just upgrade the crappy parts to better high quality bmx parts, so it can last longer and be not as expensive.

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  • Bro can I have one bro my birthday is February 15 bro tnx😏😏😏😎😎🤗

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  • rad

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  • Can I Pls get that bike

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  • I should wrap my bmx bike black so it can go faster

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  • Oja que no seas mamón como los españoles

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  • Cual es tu instagram

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  • Great video! Could you adjust the music volume down or normalize audio in post production? I need to turn the volume up to hear what your talking about then the music starts up blasting the speakers out

    Marc MMarc MVor Monat
  • Just go outside & ride something ! 🚲🛹🛴 & Stay drug free ✌️

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  • Cocote angel tnn nk iki

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  • 11:57

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  • Give me bike plsss

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  • Was that guy drunk? 11:36

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  • What pants does he wear

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  • Thats wat she said

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  • 12:04 at this moment he knew he f*ck up.

  • Nobody: Walmart: Calls a normal bike with pegs "BMX"

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  • 12:00 no no no no no kkk

  • You need to do another walmart bike video

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  • With these bikes you need to take them apart, re-grease everything and tighten everything correctly, makes a huge difference!! Most of the time they run bad because of the way they were put together

    Nerdburger85Nerdburger85Vor Monat
  • That’s called a goose neck you chode

    mrexonmrexonVor Monat
  • That fuckin knock trying to hit that wall caught me off guard. Made me spill my drink 😂

    2800boy2800boyVor Monat
  • I laugh 😂 so hard when that dude fell 😂🤣

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  • Is the Giant BB not a standard USA style? You would just have bearing cups to fit a mid BB.

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  • That random guy was funny af

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  • The fork style it old school bro not non-bmx

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  • Ur bmx is not normal

  • The wallride dude is definitely high🤣

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  • 12:06 i love that woman walking past him, she be like: "just a normal day in nyc"

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  • Walmart junk , probably made in China . I don't go to Walmart and buy anything . I may have gone three times in the past year .

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  • Hey What's Good Huge Fan I Love Your Video s

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  • That's my favorite tricks 360 bill have a nice day broo.

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  • 11:45 hasta los gringos escuchan bachata LOL, SALUDOS DESDE REPUBLICA DOMINICANA

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  • i’m 32 and never bmx’d in my life fuck it never too late to have fun 🤷🏾‍♂️

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  • Uma dessa aqui no brasil custa no maximo 1,500 so que, com as peça pior se eu ganhar uma dessa ja tava feliz kkkk

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  • Not the best counter but I am pretty sure that was a 5 stair gap not 6. Unless u count that baby stair at the bottom???

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  • i wish my dad buy a bmx for me my country is seychelles

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  • The guy that tried the wall ride was high as the clouds

    Peyton MccoscoPeyton MccoscoVor 2 Monate
  • My 7 year old has a Haro 2021 downtown and shreds it outta the box

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  • Hi

    Karim KarimKarim KarimVor 2 Monate
  • we need another one of these for the start of 2021 happy holydays

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  • Next time you do this swap out the bars, cranks, and forks and see how much it improves it

    Ryan HRyan HVor 2 Monate
  • Here in philippines the price of a bike cost (3800.00 Php) = 79.13 Usd

    Spicy NoodlesSpicy NoodlesVor 2 Monate
  • We all learned never buy a Walmart bike buy a target bike

    Dylan RochaDylan RochaVor 2 Monate
  • Bike para crianças...

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  • I don't do bmx I do mountain but I do have a suggestion lean into your grinds and the peg won't in skrew

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  • Bro please I also need a BMX cycle bro please 🙏🙏

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  • to all Walmart customers employees. Walmart does not care about you they never did and never will so why should you care about their business you're probably overworked and on the paid I bet you don't even have health insurance. So why should you care about their business. Turn your back on who's ever stealing, it's called survival these days

    Steven LairdSteven LairdVor 2 Monate
  • Check out Harry mack omegle bars for some more real talent.

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  • Best part 18:58

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  • Better call Tyrone

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  • 12:05 GG

  • im 65 and i only want to learn wheelies....that is good enough for me

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  • I know someone who has a bike with 1 piece cranks,a weird gyro and the bars are tiny but they're sick on it

    cuppa teacuppa teaVor 2 Monate
  • I think this is fake...haha...bad custom for x

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  • I am prefer FTL BMX.haha

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  • Stay safe my bruh ❤️ From Philippines

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  • i just bought my frst bmx bike im in 8th and im really hoping i do good i go to the skae park with my freinds al the time

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  • nice bike i got one

  • 13:39 My guy has shit marks

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  • Hey bro is mongoose good doing all of that??? Please help i need your opinion

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  • i have been been riding bmx since i was 5 and i got an 89$ bmx bike from walmart and it hasn’t braked

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  • 11:46 Man trying his best just to even ride a BMX bike.

    Amari BennettAmari BennettVor 2 Monate
  • Yo that guy hitting the trash was insane

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